‘to disappear’

Uncle of Picabia mentioned to him once that photography means the end of painting. Picabia was so taken with this that he forbid him to take any of his portraits.

The work is a paraphrase of the conflict between photography and painting, where the image is revealed as ephemeral.

In a painted room every 15 seconds flash captures for a moment a shadow of the audience moving around the hall. What is more, the visitors, in addition to their primary role of the recipient of art, become also a co-author of an art object. The undertaken problem of a temporary commemoration relates to existentially marked questions about a human being, physical existence, and finally the disappearance, when after the momentary perpetuated sign, it dissipates, leaving space to the next entities.Installation realized during Jura-Paris Road Trip Anniversary, which took place on 5th-7th October 2012 in Jura, France.

to disappear from Paweł Dudko on Vimeo.

video stills: Andrzeja Brańskiego
cameramanRoman Wasiluk

Unicell Poland, owner of Primacol brand, manufacturer of Neon paint helped to create the installation ‘to disappear’.