The exhibition takes place through special projectors enabling extremely short (1/1000 second) image exposure, only at the moment of the camera flash release. The image appears for 1/1000 second intriguing the recipient and allowing to be read only in the resulting picture. In reality appears a short, fleeting reminiscence of past time. For a split second the moment materializes in the form of stored frame of the past, joining two points of time amd space in the viewer’s photography.

The work presented at the IFYart 2011 Festival of Young Art in Lithuania.

Nineteen students and graduates from Polish and foreign universities (from Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, and France) participated in the event. The common characteristic of all participants is their connection to Polish culture.

There were four vernissages held: November 5th in Soleczniki, November 6th in Ejszyszki, November 7th in Vilnius, and November 8th in Druskienniki. The exhibitions could be viewed until November 24th.

The event was initiated and coordinated by Krzysztof Sokolovski.