Dream collection

happening/objects, 2021, foam board, FDM PLA print, 15 × 15 × 1 cm

Dream collection, general view, fot. Dorota Bulińska

The Dream collection is based on an interactive activity, the essence of which is the transcription of the participant’s statement into a visual form using an author’s device. The resulting object becomes very personal, and the written content is only a sign of the event.

Dream collection, happening, participant signing the print | device fot. Dorota Bulińska

The participant is invited to tell about the chosen dream. The recording process takes 200 seconds (more than 3 minutes), which slowly turns their initial enthusiasm or anxiety into focus and reflection. One word, or even a short sentence, turns out to be insufficient. The participant has to focus on their image, expand it, make it more detailed, try to feel it with many senses. What initially was only a distant vision, with time takes shape, gain details, maybe even aromas or flavors.

The object is created on a sheet placed on a rotating table. For 200 seconds, the table makes a full rotation and the 3D pen extrudes the filament. At this time, the recording takes place – the strength of the sound, the timbre of the voice, the pace of articulation directly affect the relief graph that appears. The recording is unidirectional. It is not possible to read what exactly was the dream, what the details or the words were. You can only try to guess the mood, emotions (reflection, excitement) and observe the changeability of the pace of speech.

The purpose of the Dream collection is to build a set of symbolic records of dreams and wishes.

Dream collection, detail, fot. Paweł Dudko | filament | part of exhibition, fot. Dorota Bulińska