Gleam is an artwork that continues my exploration of the generative approach to light and colors, marking an important turn in my generative art practice. It’s the first artwork that uses particular algorithms to gain more control over light and color. The solution used here has continued to evolve ever since, but Gleam is where it all started.

Rays is my genesis Ordinals series. It is a project that I created based on principles and tools I had used previously. However, Gleam is the series where I embraced both the limitations and possibilities provided by a deeper understanding of pure JavaScript coding, without relying on libraries like P5.js or Three.js.

Gleam is a project prepared as a thank-you for early support in the Ordinals space. It is dedicated to the supporters and collectors of my first Ordinals generative project, Rays.

It was a free mint for an allow-list only and limited to one piece per address. Only 38 Gleams were inscribed in the range of 566,881 to 1,234,302.

Gleam #01, sample output, long-form generative infinite animation, 2023, dimensions variable

At the core of this artwork is an exploration of the essence of photography – the manipulation of light in image creation. Instead of capturing a static moment in time, the artist takes us on a journey through a constantly shifting landscape of colors and shapes, creating an immersive and hypnotic experience for the viewer.

Gleam further experiments with blending lights and colors to create intriguing structures inspired by natural phenomena.

Through chaotic fluid movement, new realities emerge, with distorted colors and wavy shapes blending and mixing to create an intricate play of lights.

Gleam, sample output, long-form generative infinite animation, still, 2023, dimensions variable

As with most of the projects created at that time, the code is non-recursive, and the inscription contains the full HTML and JavaScript code, all squeezed into 7,197 bytes (a nod to the demo scene by keeping the code size as small as possible).

The traits of all the pieces are unique and generative (derived from the transaction hash) and can be read in the browser console.

The whole series was originally released on platform on March 20, 2023 with “inscribe on demand” mechanics.


Technical specs:

– infinite long-form generative animation
– resolution agnostic – adjusts to fill the display aspect ratio
– HTML, VanillaJS, WebGL (no external libraries)
– 7197 bytes
– 100% on-chain (the Bitcoin blockchain)
– 3 features/traits: Palette, Lights, Individual

GLEAM @ Magic Eden