Chroma Theory []

Chroma Theory is an infinite scripted digital animation that is based on color theory.

All of the spots visible in a single rendering are subject to the rules of perception, mixing, matching, or contrasting colors.

It is an NFT-specific artwork, making it possible to create generative individual pieces that are unique for their owners.

Chroma Theory is the infinite animation filled with color, where you can experience slight movement, irregular pulse, and tonal diffusion. It’s the abstract study of color coexistence and mutual interference, from pastel hues to vivid compositions. A minimalistic variation on visual media art. Every aspect (colors, sizes, mixing, and movement) is assigned to the process of minting, which makes every piece unique. Sit back, relax and give it time.

Chroma Theory, multiple stills fading, digital image, 2021, dimensions variable, hashes:


This project is a homecoming to the beginning of my art creation – photography and CGI. Ever since I’ve started to explore the generative art world, I wanted to offer people unique items, that they could relate to and claim a personal piece. Finding out about the NFT and was a dream come true.

Until Chroma Theory, in generative projects like The Faces of the Circle [2018], (Un)necessary [2016], or Populations [2016] final artworks were selected by me and limited to those, I decided to create and exhibit. There are no such limitations in the digital world, which makes art more personal with a hint of surprise. 

Sample configurations

Chroma Theory, multiple stills, digital image, 2021, dimensions variable, hover for hash details

Chroma Theory, still, digital image, 2021, dimensions variable, hash:


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