“Rays” refer to the complexity of the natural world and the potential of technology in the process of creation. The project transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries, appealing to familiar experiences and tangible reminiscences.

Rays, sample output, long-form generative infinite animation, still, 2023, dimensions variable

The flowing colors and subtle movement captivate the viewer, inviting them to engage with the visual presentation. Chromatic motion involves ever-changing visual displays, with deep hues and minimalistic patterns. It combines mathematical algorithms and digital tools to generate contemplative, evolving imagery. The movement and blending of colors create an immersive and intriguing spectacle that stimulates the imagination.


Technical specs:

– infinite long-form generative animation
– HTML & VanillaJS (no external libraries)
– only 10.5 kB
– 100% on-chain
– 4 features/traits: LightsAnglePaletteNoisy

Live Script

Below is a live script.

[R] or [refresh website] – change the input hash and the result
[B] – fetch and display data from the Bitcoin node
[N] – enter custom Bitcoin node address with public RPC access

RAYS @ Generative.xyz