MemFlux is a generative approach to the artist’s exploration of light as the essence of photography – a crucial factor in image creation. Vibrant lights react to each other’s presence and create a visual play of abstract murmuration. Based on deterministic values behaviors change and can be observed in the process. The constant, infinite motion resembles structures inspired by natural phenomena.

MemFlux, sample output, long-form generative infinite animation, still, 2023, dimensions variable

MemFlux consists of 25 color palettes and 5 visual modes that bring a wide variety of visual outputs. The sky feature is based on a texture that affects the image detail, introducing a more organic and diverse landscape of colors. The movement and interaction between elements result from collective behaviors and create a dynamic swarm of entities, whose aggregate parameters affect the overall image.

MemFlux, sample output, long-form generative infinite animation, still, 2023, dimensions variable

In addition to the deterministic output, MemFlux has an interactive mode that fetches and displays data directly from the Bitcoin node, allowing for real-time changes. For instance, new transactions appearing or leaving the mempool affect the similar behavior of visible lights. The blur value mirrors long-term steady growth of blockchain size. The bigger the database, the more vague the output becomes. There are also mid-term shifts based on blockchain difficulty, which is represented by the light radii. Finally, the total fee gathered in the pool affects the movement speed and resets short-term. The data makes the artwork grow, change and react to the current state of the blockchain. The end result is unpredictable and will continue to evolve over time.

The standard Bitcoin RPC protocol is used to make the artwork resistant to any changes and improve longevity. In case default nodes are not operable, the user can input node address manually.


Technical specs:

– infinite long-form generative animation
– resolution agnostic – adjusts to fill the display aspect ratio
– HTML, VanillaJS, WebGL (no external libraries)
– 10.9 kB
– 100% on-chain (the Bitcoin blockchain)
– 5 features/traits: Collective, Lights, Palette, Radius, Sky

Live Script

Below is a live script.

[R] or [refresh website] – change the input hash and the result
[B] – fetch and display data from the Bitcoin node
[N] – enter custom Bitcoin node address with public RPC access

Click here to view script in a new window.

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