The Faces of the Circle

artistic part of the doctoral dissertation in the discipline of fine arts

Set 0, series of 12 objects, 2017, FDM PLA, ca. 20 × 21 cm each

Set 1., cycle of 11 objects, 2017, FDM PLA, 20 × 21 cm each

eng. ‘Set 2., object, 2017, FDM PLA, 20 × 30 × 8 cm

[…] The complete artistic part of the doctoral dissertation titled ‘The Faces of the Circle’, which became the subject of description and analysis in the third chapter, is an attempt at examining spatial printing as an artistic medium, based on the dialogue between digital virtuality and reality. By rejecting the imperative of the mimesis principle the author has accepted all phenomena accompanying the process of object creation, such as mishap or error, as equal causal factors. The observed phenomena allowed for an appreciation of the artistic value of the created objects. Thus, the completed project becomes a pretext for proposing that the seemingly automatic and soulless process of realizing a digital model using FDM technology may be a source of objects of artistic qualities. It may also be proposed that, in the long term, additive technologies might potentially be regarded as an equally valid processes of creating spatial forms.

from abstract of a doctoral thesis ‘The Faces of the Circle’ Three-dimensional print as a medium. The meaning of work of art in virtual and real aspect.