installation/objects, 2016, 15 × Ø120×20 mm: medical cabinet, Petri dishes, 3D print (PLA)

Populations are the result of my wander through many systems and meanings. Digitally generated and virtually soulless piece has its roots in mathematical theories that represent natural phenomena. On the other hand detail is the record of process that results from physical character of used material and tool.

Populations were created inside Petri dishes – a laboratory glassware, which is used to culture microorganisms. Geometrical plan of a 3D print was developed with mathematically generated height map and resulted in three-dimensional model. Organic form reminds of urban patterns.

Digital representation was complemented by trace recording of print-head movement over the object. Purely technical form was completed by action, that is dependable on physical basis and technical craftsmanship. Fragile threads connecting certain spots on every level of the map are created by residues of material leaking, as print-head travels from spot to spot.

Populations are cultured in the reality, where digital and physical describe and affect each other. It is the reality, where there are no “either… or”, but a perfect symbiosis among the (so-called) opposites.

fot. Paweł Dudko

The work was presented at the exhibition “Open Body – Human Body, City Body, State Body” at The Contemporary Art Gallery “miejsce sztuki44” (ms44: curated by Andrzej Pawełczyk) at the 46th International Artistic Campus FAMA, Świnoujście in 2016.