“Re.flex.ions” consists of hundreds of points distributed in space. Their positions are determined by two space-filling Sierpiński curves discovered by Wacław Sierpiński, a Polish mathematician of the late 19th and 20th centuries, who referred to himself as an “explorer of infinity”.

re.flex.ions, sample output, long-form generative infinite animation, 2023, dimensions variable

Countless points of light form cascades of reflections, imparting an otherworldly quality to the image. The richness of colors, a defining element of this artwork, plays a vital role, ranging from vibrant, intense hues to subtle pastels, creating a spectacular mosaic of colors. This explosion of colors gives the work energy and dynamism, attracting the eye and stimulating the senses.

re.flex.ions, sample output, long-form generative infinite animation, stills, 2023, dimensions variable

Densely arranged lights move along predetermined paths, enveloping the viewer in a visual experience that beckons contemplation of immersion within ethereal spaces. “Re.flex.ions” evokes an introspective atmosphere, encouraging exploration of emotions and a physical connection with the abstract image.

Abstract art generates images and associations that rely on subtle reference points, such as contextual relationships, object interactions, and physical scale. Project responsiveness serves as a foundation for establishing these reference points. The resulting images recall both cosmic and microscopic visions. They are organic on one hand and mechanical in their movement on the other.


The perception of “re.flex.ions” varies depending on the device. Factors such as the image’s context, size, and relationship to our physical body influence the interpretation. Smaller devices often evoke micro-scale associations, while larger screens transport observers into an indeterminate cosmic abyss. When projected onto traditional CRT monitors, the artwork assumes the aura of a laboratory experiment observed from a safe distance, as if through glass or the lens of an operator’s camera. Immersion replaces mere spectatorship, fostering an experiential engagement.

In reference to responsiveness, “re.flex.ions” adapts to the aspect ratio of the display, but also enables interaction based on the position of a mobile device. The device’s placement and movement in our hand add an additional layer, enhancing immersion and emphasizing the image’s universal character.

Live Script

To discover the full potential of “re.flex.ions,” watch it on various screens with different orientations and aspect ratios.

[v] – start/stop video recording (red dot appears in top right corner)
[mobile devices] – device movement affects the image


Part of Responsive Dreams Live Minting Experience – 14/15 June 2023 – Nau Bostik, Barcelona
More info: responsivedreams.com