interactive site-specific installation, 2014, object 35×20×20 cm: galvanized steel, electroluminescent wire, electronic control system.


timid, fearful, cowardly, faint-hearted
e.g. about …: timid, wild, fearful
e.g. fickle man: capricious, reckless, fickle, unstable, whimsical

fot. Paweł Dudko

The object was placed above the entrance to the gallery Miejsce sztuki44. The form made of electroluminescent wire is reminiscent of a nest (bird or other unidentified creature). Despite the inanimate nature of the object itself, it reacts to the viewer’s presence. While the viewer maintains a safe distance, it pulsates in a uniform rhythm, associated with the rhythm of the heartbeat. However, after crossing the invisible border, the pace accelerates with each step until it completely fades away.

The work was presented during the “Habitat” exhibition at the “miejsce sztuki44” Contemporary Art Gallery (ms44: curated by Andrzej Pawełczyk) at the 44th International Artistic Campus FAMA in Świnoujście, 2014.

The “Habitat” exhibition received one of the main FAMA awards:

Trident of Neptune – Award for the Best Artistic Event of the Festival – for the HABITAT exhibition, founder – Marshal of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.