“Elapsed” paints the blockchain in motion, swirling data particles marking the arrival of the next block in the decentralized ledger, observed by two spirits – impatient “Mercurial” and introspective “Saturnine.”

Elapsed, sample output, long-form generative infinite animation, 2024, dimensions variable

“Elapsed” marks the passage of each mined block on Bitcoin blockchain. The vibrant bits orbit periodically tracing paths of spiral galaxies, knotted loops, or the shimmering horizon, awaiting the surge of new data. The particles fuse and contribute to form the final, complex structure.

The script calculates the time since the last mined Bitcoin block. There are two personalities: “Mercurial” can’t wait to see what’s coming and becomes agitated with anticipation. And “Saturnine,” a counterpoint of calm, a slow and deliberate introspection as it savors the moment.

Once the new block is mined, the scene resets, and the cycle begins anew.

“Elapsed” comes in two distinct variations defined by trait VAR (from the term “variable”). It depicts precision with which the visuals are calculated. In its “FLOAT” state, the artwork unfolds with the fine, smooth animation, as it was initially planned. “INT” is a low precision anticipation of the movement, a fingerprint of artist testing a raw sketch before further work. It stutters in rapid movement, glitched positions and flashing lights. This is the artist’s workshop, the proof of concept before the meticulous refinement. A hint of analogue nostalgia.

Elapsed, sample output, long-form generative infinite animation, 2024, dimensions variable

“Elapsed” was further developed after initial publication (before public mint). Apart from tiny technological changes like time adjustment, improved device and front-end compatibility, and a little bit of optimization, two new features were introduced.

When “Bloom”, a boolean feature, is on, the artwork gains a gentle colorful background glow. The overall feeling becomes more washed out and vintage. It brings a a strong feeling of a misty night with lights in the distance.

Second trait is “Size”, or rather introducing [S]mall, [L]arge, and e[X]treme lights. It differentiates the outputs and create a change in the perception of scale. These traits can be very extreme, so they won’t appear often.


Technical specs:

  • infinite long-form generative animation
  • resolution agnostic
  • HTML: VanillaJS + WebGL
  • 297 B + (recursive) 7 692 B
  • “Elapsed –1” – a cursed inscription –433869 with additional features, TBA
  • “Elapsed 0 — Lissajous Curve” – a vindicated inscription 59450970 reinscribed on first version of the script (sat number 1674158779534431)


Below is a live script.

[G] — toggle gallery mode; turn OFF/ON Bitcoin blockheight fetch and maintain steady speed


Drop coming on 09.02.2024!
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