interactive installation, 2015, object 140×30×200 cm: plywood, notebook, electronic control system.

Creating the installation i-th was accompanied by feelings associated with the processes of unification, standardization, and broadly defined statistical analysis. This reality led to the idea of an ephemeral collective portrait, which is a constantly evolving image of an actor, who decides to participate. The form of i-th references to “utopian” (in reference to the motto of the exhibition) time in man’s life – to vacation, leisure and popular commemorative “photo-booth walls” that allow, often naive, transformation into someone or something else.

Every viewer, placing their head in the frame, triggers the shutter release. Images are successively overlaid, leading to the creation of an alternating, evolving unified portrait.

i-th [i-ty] from Paweł Dudko on Vimeo.

The artwork was presented during the exhibition “Promised Land. Journey to the Borders of Utopia” at The Contemporary Art Gallery “miejsce sztuki44” (ms44: curated by Andrzej Pawełczyk) at the 45th International Art Campus FAMA, Świnoujście in 2015.

The exhibition “Promised Land” received one of the main awards of FAMA: Neptune’s Trident – Award for the Best Artistic Event of the Festival – for the authors of the exhibition “Promised Land,” sponsored by the Marshal of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.