Gleam is an important turn in my art practice. It’s the first artwork that used particular algorithms to get even more control on light and color. The solution used there has kept evolving since, but Gleam is where it all started.

Collection at Sotheby’s:

Natively Digital: Art on Bitcoin, a collection of remarkable and unique artworks and collectibles curated by Sotheby’s and Gamma. The curation showcases a diverse array of amazing techniques, concepts, and movements emerging in the field. Highlights include 1 of 1 by Jack Butcher, Block 1 by Ordinal Loops, Monolith by OTO and other incredible works by coin_artist, FAR, RalenArc, Leo Caillard, Harvey Raynor and other innovative artists inscribing on Bitcoin. This sale showcases the diversity and tremendous creativity found within the Bitcoin ecosystem, as inscriptions are a recent technical discovery.


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Gleam #01, long-form generative infinite animation, 2023, dimensions variable