The Incubator: nova.PK1305

The Incubator is a container designed to include an installation. This is a stand-alone object that allows the exposure in an enclosed space.

nova.PK1305 is based on the ideas of creation and annihilation. It’s a call for a temporary existence, to dissolve into oblivion after a few seconds.

Light drops fall, creating a unique act. Explosions and diffusion form cells, networks, nebulae, galaxies. The phenomenon is visible only for a short time, to give room to new events. Intense at the beginning, the process is fading slowly, and eventually stops.

Each exposure results in other reactions and phenomena. Each stage is determined by the previous and induces another.

Presented at the Artistic Actions
and Workshops Beautiful Lies VI – Glow.

nova.PK1305 from Paweł Dudko on Vimeo.

fot. Paweł Dudko