Anemone was showcased by Inscribing Atlantis in Amsterdam, 14th October, 2023.

The first Inscribing Atlantis collection debuted in Amsterdam during an inaugural event in October 2023. At its core is the theme of the “flower,” symbolizing everything from friendship to new beginnings. Fourteen artists from around the world explore various expressions of the flower, combined with the innovation of the Ordinal Protocol.

Currently a full collection of artworks titled “Amsterdam Blooms” is available on and Magic Eden.

Anemone is an algorithmic animation that continuously generates ephemeral floral images. Traces of moving particles create intricate, flower-like structures, with a pronounced center at their core. Much like the brief existence of real anemone flowers, this animation undergoes periodic dissolution only to be reborn in fresh compositions. Each rebirth unveils a unique floral shape, ranging from 4 to 9 “petals.”

The entire system undergoes a gradual transformation as particles merge and expand in size. This interplay between organic behavior is juxtaposed with graphics reminiscent of a hexagonal grid, evoking a hint of technical aesthetics.