Thrilled to have had an insightful conversation with Brett Herskope about my artistic journey. Brett’s in-depth queries about my creative process, 3D printed sculptures, and art doctorate were truly inspiring. It’s an honor to be featured as a Gamma Partner artist.

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Welcome to another Featured Artist of the Week, a series highlighting remarkable artists creating Ordinals through the Gamma Partner Program!

Today, we’re introducing Pawel Dudko, a generative artist with a rich history in photography, filmography, 3D printing and more.

Pawel has flourished in the Bitcoin ordinals ecosystem, selling out all four of his Mycelioid Prints on Gamma. This series, which has evolved and innovated with style, employing elements of interactivity and changing states of Bitcoin blocks. 

Pictured: Mycelioid CA

Pawel has also put out other collections on Bitcoin like Memflux and Phantasmagoria, where he has played with different styles of generative art.

Phantasmagoria, inspired by retro video games, classical painting, dreams and GAN, involved a difficult process to curate.

Pawel has used his rich history in photography, filmography, and passion for 3D printing as a creative muse for the work he puts out. He also credits his wife with providing an external set of eyes, to help him in his creative process!

Pictured: Mycelioid RGB

Keep an eye on all Pawel drops with us on Gamma below. His passion for innovation and pushing the envelope continues to show with each new drop.