“MemFlux” was selected to be shown in Crypto Art Gallery by Crypto Art Week Asia at Ordinals Summit, Singapure, 2023

Crypto Art Week Asia
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The Age of Code. We stand on the precipice of an extraordinary moment in human history – the dawn of the Digital Age. Code is everywhere, shaping our world in unimaginable ways. And it’s brought about a digital art renaissance – never in history has there been such an explosion of creativity. It’s the culmination of 70 years of experimentation. From Ben Laposky’s oscilloscope experiments in the 1950s, to the pioneering works of Vera Molnár and Manfred Mohr in the 1960s, from the explosion of multimedia and net art in the 90s, to generative art, media art, and the demo scene, to the emergence of NFTs & digital collectables. Crypto Art is the ‘Salon des Refusés’ (‘Exhibition of the Rejected’) of our time – a home for artists who were excluded from previous iterations of the art world. But it’s from the fringes, that culture is formed and evolves. We’ve seen this evolution very recently in electronic music. And now we’re witnessing code art, emerging from a punk nerd micro-culture, to being written into the narrative arc of civilization, and evolving into the most important art movement of the century. And then here comes ordinals. Like an idea that had already existed and was just waiting to be discovered. Code-as-art, inscribed within the code of Bitcoin. There’s something beautiful and poetic and almost inevitable about this – a perfect medium on which to record our civilization and imagine new ones into existence. We present here 12 of the world’s most innovative crypto artists, carrying the banner of code art. And imagining what art on the blockchain, and specifically Bitcoin, can be.

by @radarboy3000

phot. Crypto Art Week Asia @ Ordinals Summit

video by @OrdinalsSummit

video by @cryptoartasia